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This Mod is so much fun. it is chaotic and shocking and just overall a good time. I highly recommend this!

Some issues I came across that I do not see listed:

  • You are unable to claim blue coins at the Racoons' store.
  • In the mission "The Goopy Inferno" in Pianta Village, being chucked and then landing in the Lava Goop will allow Mario to permanently walk on it without taking damage.
  • In the mission "Scrubbing Sirena Beach" in Sirena Beach, being chucked by the hotel owner at the start causes the timer to never start.
  • In the final battle, the green goop of Bower's bathtub is absent. It is not invisible; It does not exist. Bowser Jr. is stuck at the bottom of the tub as a result.

Out of the issues listed, the major one to me is being unable to redeem blue coins. This one makes the game impossible to 100% complete. Otherwise, this is a fantastic project. Thank you for creating it! It was a blast to play.


Ah, dang! I'll take a look at these and see if there's anything i can do. Thanks for the reports, and glad you enjoyed it!

why the pacher is not workyng, i have a error probably for i am using windows or i am using a .nkit iso file for mario sunshine

The patch was built off a specific iso rip. There appears to be some differences between all the rips circulating around, and this can cause issues with the patch. 2 things:

  • You'll want to look around and try a few rips of the USA version. the one I used should be the most common USA version rip.
  • additionally, you'll want to turn off checksum validation in the patcher settings. Sometimes, even with the correct rip, the validation step still fails due to Windows changing the metadata on the file when you download it. With checksum validation turned off the patcher will never fail, but if you still have the wrong base iso it will crash in dolphin almost instantly.

Is there any way to get this working on Mac? it feels like the essential way to play the game


there could be similar xdelta tools on mac but i do not own one so i am unaware of them. but the patched iso should work fine on mac, you just may need to use a windows pc to build it

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Adding on to this, if you don't have a Windows PC for whatever reason you can always download a windows 10 image from Microsoft's website and just fire up a VM for it, Build the patched iso, and transfer it out through a shared folder.


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